Russia offers the most extreme skyrunning races on the planet. Have you ever heard about Red Fox Elbrus Race with a phenomenal route up to Elbrus’ 5 642m Summit? That is not the limit.


Since 1992, the ISF (previously Federation for Sport at Altitude) carried out research at altitude on athletes in racing mode. Not just in the lab. Interestingly, no cases of high altitude sickness were encountered. There is no question performance is limited due to hypoxy, but of course, it’s the same for everyone. For example, the average speed at 4,200m, is 72% of that at sea level and, at 5,200m, it’s just 65%. Research at 7,000m has not been carried out yet, but FSA researchers calculated that it is theoretically possible to RUN at 7,000m.


Lenin Peak (7,134m) is considered one of the easiest 7,000m peaks in the world to climb and it has by far the most ascents of any 7,000m or higher peak on earth, with every year seeing hundreds of climbers make their way to the summit. Nevertheless, the area is infamous for it’s bad weather.


Since 2012, Russian Skyrunning Association and “Ak-Sai Travel” Company organize the Lenin Race Vertical SkyMarathon®. The starting point of the Race is the Base camp at 4,400m altitude, then it goes through Razdelnaya col and finishes at the Summit of the Lenin Peak – 7,134m.