July 27, 2019


Mt. Lenin Peak




 24 km

Elevation gain

     1500 m

Check time

6 h

Entry fee:

20 $

The competition starts in BC “Achik Tash” located at the altitude of 3600 m, over Puteshestvennikov (Travelers) Pass (4100 m) to Camp 1 (4400m) and finishes in BC “Achik Tash”. 
The skyrunning is open to all athletes who are over the age of 18 years. The result of participant is defined from the start point till finish. The start and finish are located in ”Achik Tash”Base Camp. Participants who have reached the finish without any assistance and returned to the start point not later than 2pm of the start day are considered to have completed the race successfully. 

The check points of the race will be discussed separetely. In case of control time exceeding the participant will be recommended to go down to the base camp. Any kind of transport or additional help use are strictly prohibited. Each participant should be aware of the risk he/she undertakes while the race. Each participant undertakes the responsibility for his/her health condition and safety. The operator  of the race provide first medical aid where necessary.  The Organizers of the competition check the route and provide the belaying where necessary. 

Documents needed:


  • ID

  • Medical certificate

  • Extreme sports assurance certificate

  • ATTENTION! Lenin peak is situated in frontier zone, that`s why you should formalize border permit for entering this territory in advanced.

Slot includes:
  • bid

  • souvenirs

  • food & drinks at checkpoints

  • finisher medal


Lenin Skyrace®

July 27
depending on weather conditions

8:00 a.m.


The awarding ceremony is held at 19:00 the day after the race.

Money prizes are given to those winners who had reached the finish line. 

July 27
7:00 p.m.

Compulsory equipment:

Sleeping bag                                                            
Sleeping pad                                    
Headlamp + set of spare batteries 
Folding knife – 1 
Down jacket/parka 
Gortex jacket
Polartec jacket and pants 
Thermal underwear